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Besiter is about to launch the world’s first shared energy storage power supply: it’s an energy storage power supply that makes money

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Besiter is about to launch the world’s first shared energy storage power supply: it’s an energy storage power supply that makes money

February 23
18:49 2023

Shenzhen Besiter Technology Co., Ltd. recently announced that it will hold a global shared energy storage power supply launch on March 1, when the world’s first shared energy storage power supply will be released, and a shared energy storage industry expert forum will be held to discuss and exchange the industry’s development plans in depth. As the world’s first and only shared energy storage power supply company, Besiter’s move has received widespread attention from the industry, and the launch of the world’s first shared energy storage power supply will change the entire industry landscape and inject new vitality into the energy market.

With the global development of large-scale renewable energy, energy storage technology continues to innovate, reduce costs and improve performance, driving the scale of the energy storage market to continue to grow rapidly. Government energy departments and science and technology departments have also paid great attention to energy storage, and are now gradually planning the energy storage industry and accelerating the pace of financial subsidies for application demonstrations. With strong market demand and national policies tilted to guide, the entire energy storage market continues to tap its potential and play a role in forming a strong industrial support, with increasing commercial and social value.

As a leader in the field of energy storage power supply, Besiter has keenly captured the industry trend and deeply integrated “sharing” and “energy storage power supply” together. Compared with ordinary products on the market, the upcoming shared energy storage products from Besiter not only break any previous records, but also open up a whole new segmentation field and bring the possibility of industry change. 

According to related sources, Besiter shared energy storage power supply has many innovative research and development achievements, which can be described as black technology products. It adopts automotive-grade power core, which is safe to carry, high density and fast charging; built-in fire extinguisher safety device, the first energy storage power product in the industry to adopt this device, which builds a comprehensive three-dimensional safety protection system; combined with advanced intelligent technology, it realizes APP remote control, safety warning, real-time view of battery usage status, rental status and other functions; in addition, the product supports fast charging, with charging time of 1.3 hours, convenient and fast, saving valuable time and cost.

It is worth mentioning that Besiter’s foresight, the world’s first shared energy storage power supply has been integrated with the sharing economy, pooling idle resources on a platform through the network and trading them through digital matching, with the supply side getting paid and the demand side getting paid to use them. Its stunning debut will integrate offline resources into the supply side to realize the economic realization of excess energy; on the demand side, users will get a better experience of using it. To borrow the vivid science interpretation from the industry: “It can bring convenience to people and make money at the same time.” 

The market size of energy storage power supply is huge and the development prospect is broad. Once Besiter shared power supply is put into the market, there will be a lot of room for development. This product also has an obvious advantage that it can cover all home appliances, outdoor electricity, as well as electric tricycles, quad bikes and so on. In addition to meeting consumers’ full range of electricity needs, the product can also bring consumers new business opportunities, effectively building a win-win ecosystem. 

It is reported that this global new product launch will be closely focused on the theme of “new track, new opportunities”, and discuss with industry experts, technical experts, and heavyweight guests to share the future of energy storage power development. At the conference, the chairman of Besiter will give a wonderful speech with the theme of “Never forget the original intention, continue to open up, and build a hundred years of happy enterprise”, and the vice president of Besiter and vice president of R & D will share “a profitable energy storage power supply”, “safety, intelligence, innovation”, etc. Safety, intelligence, innovation” and other topics. The last topic of the conference will be the “Venture & Opportunity” seminar by the experts of shared energy storage industry.

The emergence of Besiter’s shared energy storage power supply will have a huge impact on the whole industry, and even affect the pattern and distribution of the global energy storage market. The Besiter global new product launch will also bring users different experiences, explore different business opportunities and tap different dividends. For more details and insider information, please pay close attention to the global shared energy storage power supply launch on March 1.

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