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European financial brand SAFERCI FUND, opens a innovative financial market

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European financial brand SAFERCI FUND, opens a innovative financial market

March 10
02:24 2023

Take the first step, is the game of the brave.

From the traditional funds to join the virtual assets to seek higher returns, if the word robust, it is meaningless.

Saferci Fund, a financial firm that caters to the elite.

From the moment the team was formed, the goal was beyond traditional finance


Excellent service quality is destined to Saferci Fund will be different.

The high-end and extraordinary quality of Saferci Fund has shaped the top financial brands in Europe.

Saferci Fund, headquartered in Sheffield, Central England, is a non-wholly-owned subsidiary Fund brand of Gen II Fund Services, focusing on the field of financial innovation circuit for the global and many countries.

Shape Europe’s top financial brand

Saferci Fund not only has superb technical logic, different from other financial companies, Saferci Fund will go through a period of internal operation practice for as long as two years when issuing recruitment funds. The theory is not just talk. In the two years when the virtual currency industry plummeted, The Saferci Fund continues to outperform, with more than 82% of its users making money

Since its inception, the Saferci Fund has worked with a number of well-known financial institutions, and in September 2022, AGAM formally established strategic cooperation with SAFERCI-FUND (AGAM was approved by China Securities Regulatory Commission, and its Class 9 (providing asset management) license can manage a portfolio of 100% virtual assets). In November 2022, World Super Holdings Limited has also developed a partnership with Saferci-Fund, which has shocked the industry and produced articles in the financial sector. Vanguard is also about to enter into a strategic partnership with Saferci Fund. (Vanguard, an American fund company founded by John Berg, the father of index funds, is also available through German brokerages, such as the Vanguard S&P 500 UCITS ETF, which charges 0.07% a year and manages about 24 billion euros.)

Only with unique technology and management, it is possible to be the top of many financial brands

How did Saferci Fund, a fledgling financial firm, rise to the top of the pack

I have to mention his strong management team and the best AI analytics in the world today

Just like ChatGPT browser, the world is talking about AI browser, which is the new favorite of the capital beyond the metaverse

AI technology is undoubtedly the most intelligent existence in the world today. Combining numerous global data, AI can independently think and summarize the most suitable financial trend logic. Combined with more than 20 years of experience in financial market analysis of Saferci Fund team, it is easy to achieve a profit within 30%.

The outstanding quality of Saferci Fund is destined to be different

Saferci Fund is good at using the super high returns of virtual assets, so that the return period can be shortened to an amazing day! It means that Saferci Fund can complete its goal in a short day, which is quite shocking in today’s entire financial sector. Everyone knows that the virtual currency increases by 30% or so in a day are too common. However, this is the unique charm of Saferci Fund

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