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Read the full report and watch training which reveals top resilient income streams in the down market for 2023

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Read the full report and watch training which reveals top resilient income streams in the down market for 2023

February 23
06:16 2023
To get guidance for starting and scaling a business in challenging times read full report and watch the training.

New Report Provides Insights into Businesses that Offer a Resilient Income Stream in a Down Market, Including Selling on Amazon training. SaazLife, a leading research and consulting firm, is sharing a new report titled “How-to-Profit-From-A-Recession.”  It’s a brilliant little report that will outline a completely different approach to extracting profits from Amazon and yeah, it’s recession-proof.  Complementing the report is an exclusive webinar replay which is going to be available till March 2nd. The webinar “The Wholesale Formula” shows the step-by-step method to gain in the down market.

This exclusive report and webinar offer comprehensive insights into businesses most suitable for starting an income stream during a down market, including selling on Amazon.

As the global economy continues to be impacted by recent events, many businesses are struggling to stay afloat. However, the report highlights that there are still plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs willing to adapt to changing market conditions.

The report examines a range of industries, including e-commerce, healthcare, technology, and food and beverage, and identifies businesses that have proven resilient during economic downturns. It also provides guidance on how to start and scale a business in these industries, including selling on Amazon.

“Our research has shown that even in a down market, there are still opportunities for entrepreneurs to start a business that offers a resilient income stream,” quotes Anish Chatterjea, CEO of SaazLife. “In the online marketing world, people tend to avoid it, because it’s either too much competition, it pays too little, or you have to wait for results for too long. Or all of that, combined. They couldn’t be more wrong, though. If you knew what I know, you would be Amazon’s biggest fan. We found that selling on Amazon can be a huge benefit for creating an additional income for anyone, especially during these challenging times.”

The webinar training and report covers the following topics:

  • Overview of the current down market

  • Businesses that have proven to be resilient during economic downturns

  • Detailed analysis of each industry and businesses within it

  • Strategies for starting and scaling a business in each industry, including selling on Amazon

  • Case studies of successful businesses that have thrived during a down market, including those that sell on Amazon

Selling on Amazon has become an increasingly popular option for entrepreneurs looking to start a business or diversify their income streams. The report outlines the benefits of selling on Amazon, including access to a global marketplace, low start-up costs, and the ability to reach millions of potential customers.

The report also provides guidance on how to start selling on Amazon, including how to choose the right product, create an effective listing, and optimize for search. It also includes case studies of successful Amazon sellers and tips for scaling a business on the platform.

The report is available for download on SaazLife’s website and can be accessed by visiting

To check the webinar replay visit:

It is an essential resource for entrepreneurs looking to start a business and generate a resilient income stream in the current down market, particularly for those interested in selling on Amazon.

SaazLife is a leading research and consulting firm that provides insights and guidance to businesses across various industries. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping our clients navigate challenging market conditions and achieve their business goals.

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