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Astro Strategist & Real Estate Astrologer Hirav Shah’s Top 5 Picks For Cities To Invest In The USA For 2023

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Astro Strategist & Real Estate Astrologer Hirav Shah’s Top 5 Picks For Cities To Invest In The USA For 2023

February 21
20:09 2023
Astro Strategist & Real Estate Astrologer Hirav Shah’s Top 5 Picks For Cities To Invest In The USA For 2023

Acclaimed astro strategist and real estate astrologer, Hirav Shah has built a kingdom from square one. With his knowledge, experience and expertise in astro strategy, he has shared some useful insights on the USA real estate investment master plan for 2023.

Utilising your resources in the right direction and achieving a sky rocketing business momentum is possible with guidance through Business Astrology and estimated financial prediction. Mr. Hirav has developed a unique solution to estimate annual or half-yearly income in advance.

The predictions, advice and strategic guidance by Hirav Shah is like a road map to your goals. You can steer ahead towards a bigger, brighter future with the clarity shown by him.

Moreover, he has pioneered the process of determining the timeframe for the sale of real estate projects. As a result, developers and investors can more efficiently and effectively plan their strategies when they know the maximum price.

He makes predictions every year on the economy, the stock market, the dollar and rupee, the price of gold, the price of silver, the trend in fashion, the trend in real estate, the available housing space, the space available for commercial activities, and several lands in India and the USA.

Hirav’s predictions on the Top five cities to invest in the USA for 2023 are also on point. His top picks are as follows:

Tulsa, Oklahoma

The oil capital of the world was once located in Tulsa, which was home to the Cherokee, Muscogee, and Osage tribes. There was an increase of 10.9% in home listings in Tulsa, OK over last year in January 2023, with the median listing price at $227.3K. The home price increase in Tulsa over the past few years was the highest among over 100 metro areas analysed by Forbes.

Augusta, Georgia

Forbes once noted that Augusta was one of the best-kept secrets in the South USA, but that seems to have changed. Over the past year, the median rent for 3-bedroom homes has risen by 9%, while home values have increased by nearly 21%. Perhaps most famously, Augusta is the location of the Masters Golf Tournament, held every year for the first full week in April.

El Paso, Texas

Hirav Shah goes further by explaining that there are many attractions in El Paso, Texas, such as beautiful weather, a low cost of living, cosmopolitan amenities, and natural wonders. With low property costs, high rental rates, and a stable economy, El Paso offers some great investment opportunities for 2023.

Akron, Ohio

Due to the high level of rental housing demand in Akron, the city may be a good option for investors seeking rental properties. The city of Akron is among the largest in the state and has a dense suburban feel. It is clear that there are excellent opportunities throughout the state for cash flow and appreciation, especially in rapid-growth areas.

Green Bay, Wisconsin

One of the oldest settlements in Wisconsin, Green Bay is located in northeast Wisconsin. As a thriving arts and entertainment center, downtown is revitalised, and there are two colleges here, the city may appeal to young families and retirees alike. A lucrative property investment option in Green Bay is homes for sale that turn a good profit when flipped.

Mr. Hirav Shah’s work extends beyond India, including the United States, United Arab Emirates, and Canada, although he is originally from Vadodara in Gujarat. Several large scale and mid size businesses have succeeded under his guidance. As far as his customers are concerned, many big personalities, businessmen, celebrities, sportsmen, real estate developers, politicians, and influencers are getting success in INDIA and across the world with the help of Hirav. It is always better to keep astro strategist as a consultant to transform and to tap the full potential of business.

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