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Creative Biolabs Unveils Product Portfolios Supporting Complementary Therapies

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Creative Biolabs Unveils Product Portfolios Supporting Complementary Therapies

February 21
17:09 2023
Creative Biolabs, a US-based biotech company, is committed to providing integrated solutions and diverse products for clients’ research regarding complement therapeutics, rapidly responding to their specific needs.

New York, USA – February 21, 2023 – It is well known that the complement system consists of plasma proteins that play a critical role in the human immune system. When activated, the complement system can trigger a series of biochemical reactions, accompanied by inflammatory mediators, to eliminate and remove invading microorganisms. As a result, broad research on complement therapeutics is moving quickly, and an increasing number of complement-based drugs have been approved for clinical use. As a global-leading biotech company with broad experience in complement therapeutics, Creative Biolabs is committed to providing innovative solutions and high-quality products to accelerate global research.

“The study of complement proteins was important during complement therapeutic discovery because of their capacities to destroy foreign invaders and prevent illness,” according to a scientist at Creative Biolabs.

Depending on their extensive experience in this field, scientists at Creative Biolabs can provide innovative complement-based drug discovery solutions based on distinct complement components. Also, various complement system-related protein products are provided at the company, particularly the C1 protein complement, which is required for the classical activation pathway of the complement system.

In addition, Creative Biolabs provides comprehensive and high-quality C1q products, including C1q proteins, C1q antibodies, C1q assay kits, and C1q lysates, to fully support researchers’ projects and accelerate research pipelines.

Embracing the exploration of the complement system, Creative Biolabs provides specific array kits to assess protein-protein interactions, quantify target analytes, or monitor protein expression levels in biological samples.

“Based on the well-established and robust ELISA technology, our array kits can be widely applied in life science research, drug discovery, and bioassays and are characterized with low false positive rate, easy automation, and quick and accurate results,” said an expert at Creative Biolabs, “and most of our clients give their praise to our outstanding complement ELISA kits.”

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About Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs is a global leader in complement therapeutics services, offering fully integrated, accelerated complement therapeutics services as well as dependable complement protein products to support client projects. Creative Biolabs works closely with clients from all over the world to efficiently personalize and proceed with research regarding complement therapeutics. Built upon a group of extensive scientific experts and technicians, the company was guaranteed to offer excellent services and high-quality products to robust client projects.

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