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TOCKT public chain hardware wallet is online and opens reservation function, and TOCKT mine will be launched soon

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TOCKT public chain hardware wallet is online and opens reservation function, and TOCKT mine will be launched soon

February 06
11:17 2023

TOCKT public chain hardware wallet has gone live and opened reservation function. Besides, TOCKT mine will be opened on 2023.03.06. The final round of private placement of TOCKT is underway, and has received strong support from the Shib community and Bishouma ( At the same time, TOCKT has been listed in major platforms such as MyToken, AVE and TokenPocket, and has received investment from six blockchain institutions.

TOCKT public chain is a complete blockchain underlying protocol built by the US TOK Lab (Tockt technical team from Polkadot and Ripple project members) in the United States in conjunction with ETH Zurich and Princeton University, which provides a complete underlying protocol in building phenomenal applications for the blockchain ecosystem.

The TOCKT public chain introduces a set of publicly available self-governing smart contracts for information dissemination, verification, and execution, as well as a set of smart contracts for off-chain participants to perform transactions and aggregation operations. the TOCKT protocol is the underlying protocol with scalability, privacy, and cross-chain convergence.

TOCKT launched the scalable ∫-Bullets privacy algorithm to realize its cross-chain encrypted privacy service. In addition, TOCKT can be deployed to any blockchain with smart contract functionality. TOCKT is a blockchain consisting of multiple chains operating together, which includes proof of interest and cross-chain collaboration protocols.

TOCKT allows users to transfer tokens and information in different blockchains, which changes the current situation that each blockchain can only operate separately. In addition to the cross-chain interoperability of public chains, TOCKT also enables private chains, alliance chains and public chains to collaborate with each other. TOCKT is the underlying protocol with complete blockchain ecology and the largest decentralized integration platform.

TOCKT launches a composite ecology: Hardware Wallet, Tockt Mining, TocktDeFi, Tocktex, Tockt Domain (.tt), Tockt Decentralized Exchange, Tockt Metaverse, TocktNFT Exchange, TocktDAO, Tockt Prophecy Machine, TocktDID Decentralized Identity, Tockt Prophecy Machine, Tchat, Tockt Finance, TOCKT Lending, TOCKT Insurance.

Official contact information:

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Official Twitter: @TocktChain

White paper released on 2022.12.17

About TOCKT token:

With the Total amount of 76 million, including community computing power: 20 million (10-year cycle), POS: 10 million, private placement: 20 million, nodes: 10 million, transactions: 4 million, NFT mining: 3 million, institutions: 400 million, team: 5 million.

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