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The global premiere of the CIPC Cosmic Interstellar Public Chain Metaverse Conference ushers in a new era of finance

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The global premiere of the CIPC Cosmic Interstellar Public Chain Metaverse Conference ushers in a new era of finance

January 02
21:21 2023

The CIPC Cosmic Interstellar Public Chain Metaverse Conference was officially inaugurated on January 1, 2023, ushering in a new era. The flourishing financial world will continue the legacy of the past and usher in the future. Cosmic Trade, the world’s first blockchain-based decentralised international financial trading platform, will also be launched at this conference in order to connect to the international market and produce great achievements! With the 360-degree immersive experience of the metaverse online environment, attendees will be able to participate in a variety of well-planned interactive sessions and enjoy a real-time feast of knowledge.

Based on the global financial development trend, the team has meticulously planned the development direction and global positioning of the company through on-site inspections of important nations and real-time monitoring of the political and financial future trends in each country. At the same time, this press conference invited avatars from the global industry, such as God of stocks, master of the Metaverse, representatives of new energy vehicles, representatives of business schools, representatives of Cosmic Interstellar Warehouse, representatives of Thailand Cosmic Interstellar Warehouse, etc., to share delightfully. 

This conference will focus on the grand debut of Cosmic Trade, the first decentralised worldwide financial trading platform based on blockchain technology. At the same time, everyone invited shared detailed explanations and functional elaborations on the Cosmic Trade platform, because the combination of blockchain technology and traditional systems, through a comprehensive upgrade and innovation of traditional finance, has promoted a massive financial leap in the new era, providing a more convenient transaction method for all parties, but also enhancing the transparency, traceability, and security of the platform, promoting tamper-proof transactions. The innovative solution offers investors more than 100 types of diverse investment products in five categories, including foreign exchange, digital currency, commodity, index, stock, and other commodity CFD transactions. All investment items are executed on a single platform, and worldwide market traders find the application convenient.

As a decentralised blockchain-based financial technology online trading platform, Cosmic Trade offers a tight trader access mechanism and significant technical benefits. Unique storage technique uploads all essential data to the blockchain to achieve the highest level of security protection.

In addition, the cosmic trade platform provides cutting-edge trading tools and services, and its intelligent data integration function can manage personal assets more fully and comprehend the profit-loss ratio of investments more clearly and concisely. More than a hundred varieties of financial investment products include foreign exchange, digital currency, commodity, index, stock, and other commodity CFD transactions, enabling worldwide investors to maximise their returns! During the same press conference, the world will be introduced to the world’s first over-collateralised stablecoin, USDT3.0, the upgrading of the CIPC public chain wallet, and the upgrade of the Cosmic Interstellar Warehouse, among other things. Moreover, in an effort to give back to the worldwide user groups, surprise presents were also provided at the press conference, including a USDT3.0 lucky draw, deposit and get free top global stocks worth $10 million, and promotions for new energy vehicles!

The CIPC public chain will shock and awe in the coming year. In step with the CIPC public chain, build a beautiful existence while setting contemporary trends.

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