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Lyu Yong, founder of DreambigCareer, was selected into “36Kr 2022 Global Outstanding Chinese Power100” for realizing the dream of working elite for international students

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Lyu Yong, founder of DreambigCareer, was selected into “36Kr 2022 Global Outstanding Chinese Power100” for realizing the dream of working elite for international students

November 29
17:01 2022

Together with the world, we will witness the charm of Chinese in the new era. On November 17, 2022, the “36Kr 2022 Global Outstanding Chinese Power100” created by 36 Kr and Kingpin Communication was unveiled, and Lyu Yong (Owen), the founder and CEO of “DreambigCareer”, a well-known pre service education institution for international students, was selected.

As the leading enterprise in the pre service education institute for international students, Lyu Yong is a truly leading figure in the Chinese education industry. 2020-2021 Phoenix Chinese Educators Conference “Leading Figures in the Education Industry”, 2020 Annual CCTV Education Festival “Creative Figures in the Education Industry”, 2019 Forbes China “30 Under 30”, “Hurun China Under30s To Watch 2019”, 2019 CYZone “Under 30” … In the past 9 years of entrepreneurship, Lyu Yong’s honor and story are constantly refreshing.

In the absence of ready examples and references, Lyu Yong took the lead in entering the pre service education industry for international students and led the company to become the only member enterprise of the education group listed on the American stock market in the industry. How does Lyu Yong achieve this?

In Lyu Yong’s own words, “The reason why I chose to do job search consulting for international students is entirely because of the original intention of Chinese people to help Chinese people.” In 2013, Lyu Yong, who is about to graduate from Rice University with a master’s degree, “South Harvard” in the United States, witnessed the great efforts and hardships of Chinese students in finding jobs in the United States.

At that time, the path for international students to find jobs overseas was full of difficulties and reverses, and they often faced obstacles due to cultural differences, language barriers, and a lack of professional career planning and counseling resources. Lyu Yong keenly found that some of his undergraduate classmates had entered Wall Street investment banks and Big Four accounting firms as soon as they graduated. If they were asked to serve as “job search mentors”, they would certainly be able to break the pain points faced by overseas job seekers from the specific experience of international students.

At the end of 2013, Lyu Yong, partnered with several like-minded “job search mentors” to found the first international student job search consulting platform in the United States, DreambigCareer, which provides customized job search solutions including job search preparation, industry recognition, resume modification, background improvement, interview skills and offer evaluation. During the entrepreneurial process from 0 to 1, Owen adhered to the belief of “small steps, fast running, fast iteration”.

From the beginning of focusing on the employment of investment banking in the United States and Big Four, DreambigCareer has extended its tentacles to the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and mainland China in steady development, focusing on finance, data, consulting, technology and other industries, and constantly iterating and polishing to form a clear teaching and research system. In 2018, DreambigCareer, recognized by the market, obtained the strategic acquisition of the education group listed on the American stock market, and remained at the forefront of the industry’s competitive pattern in the subsequent development.

Entrepreneurship is like rolling a snowball, the most important thing is to find very thick snow and a long way. Lyu Yong said: “I don’t want to start my business the same as opening a hotpot shop. Maybe we’ll make 10 million yuan this year and 12 million next year. I still hope to go faster and become bigger and stronger.” Such ambition comes from Lyu Yong’s confidence in the pre service education industry for international students.

The number of overseas students returning to China has exceeded one million for the first time, according to the 2022 Insight Report on Returning Chinese International Students Seeking Jobs, and there has been a flood of Chinese international students returning home to seek jobs. Lyu Yong explained that, “In the past, most international students would choose to work abroad after graduation, but now, those who return home to seek jobs have accounted for more than 50% of the company’s revenue. Whether they are overseas or back home, international students will encounter ‘acclimatization’ more or less.” In 2014, Lyu Yong brought the DreambigCareer model back to China, set up the headquarters in Chengdu, and set up branches in Shanghai and Guangzhou successively to enable more international students to find jobs.

DreambigCareer has delved into the industry for 9 years. Its core management team comes from Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley, Ernst &Young, L’Oréal and other internationally renowned enterprises. It has more than 3,500 senior in-service tutors from nine major investment banks, well-known consulting firms, technology firms and Fortune 500 enterprises. Since its establishment in 2013, DreambigCareer has enabled its students to obtain more than 9,000 offers from world-renowned enterprises.

In Lyu Yong’s opinion, DreambigCareer not only aims to help international students realize their personal value, but also to promote more international students to realize their social value. He said, “whether they’re on behalf of China’s new generation forces on the international stage, or when they return to build the motherland, helping international students to enter various fields and give full play to their own learning is the driving force for DreambigCareer to persist for 9 years and continue to grow.”

There is a power called Chinese helping the Chinese. The story of Lyu Yong and DreambigCareer continues. The reporter learned that the “36Kr 2022 Global Outstanding Chinese Power100” specially created for the global outstanding Chinese by 36Kr is to discover and record the sample figures like Owen Lyu Yong, and show the courage, determination and innovation spirit of Chinese entrepreneurs through their style.

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