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How Are Cooks So Good At Being Entrepreneurs?

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How Are Cooks So Good At Being Entrepreneurs?

November 29
10:41 2022

It’s heartbreaking to realize that 60% of all restaurants fail miserably every year. Whether it’s about not having enough funds to carry on or poor quality of food or service, we can’t shy away from the fact that surviving in the restaurant business will always require some herculean effort.

Food is a necessity as well as a luxury. An unpleasant experience in your kitchen could mean death for the business. That’s because reshaping the view of a customer, particularly in the food industry, is probably the most difficult job to do. It rarely ever happens. Not everyone is capable of pulling the rabbit out of the hat.

Plus, as a food business, you can’t expect success to happen entirely on the shoulders of operations mastery and marketing prowess. At the end of the day, it’s magic that happens on the stove that keeps the customer coming in.

As surprising as it may seem, most cook-turned-entrepreneurs are doing far better than restaurant owners. They’re not just gaining franchises, expanding through personal branding, and bombarding videos over social, desperate to share their entrepreneurial journey. But, more importantly, they’re doing it much faster than traditional restaurants.

So, what is it that is working for these professional cooks? Why is it that people with a passion for working in the kitchen are perfect for entrepreneurship in the industry?

We have shared five major reasons why, perhaps, cooks know how to ace their game and gain an edge over others. Now, we advise you to take this guide with a pinch of salt, as there is no surefire way to propel in any industry.

They Know Their Industry

Now, some of these sales gurus and brand builders would say that these people lack business acumen. To tap into the realm of customers who would pay for their food, they would need marketers. That may be true for most of them. But there is a fleet of seasoned cooks who know the ins and outs of the food business.

They’ve put in years-long dedication and hard work to learn and master recipes and wrap their heads around the ongoing global food trends. On top of that, they’re passionate about cooking and can go out of their way to optimize operations.

Even those who have just peeled potatoes for long hours know the importance of dedicated and attentive staff. So, cooks know their industry. It’s a misconception that they’re just made for the kitchen job.

They Won’t Shy Away From Taking A Risk

Seasoned cooks won’t shy away from adding an odd spice to their favorite meals. They love cooking. Tasting and exploring varieties of food breed their creativity, propelling them to experiment. Cooks won’t stop doing magic while standing beside their stoves.

Dorothy Champagne, the co-founder of Catering with Champagne, believes that “Cooking is a pleasant and therapeutic affair. It brings different people from all around the world to common ground. The love we share through good food is immeasurable.”

Cooks Are Super Creative

Following recipes from start to finish is vital if you want to cook something perfect. That’s what cooks in restaurants would do. But cook-turned-entrepreneurs are super creative. They’re desperate to educate the customer and help them develop their taste buds.

To them, mastering delicious recipes, preparing them with fervor, and presenting them with grace and a touch of creativity is a real win. They want to stand out from the crowd and be appreciated for their originality. Perhaps, that’s why there will always be more room for cook entrepreneurs in the industry.

Emphasis On Personal Branding

Cooks realize the fact that diversification would open many opportunities for them. Instead of staying in the kitchen, they aspire to empower people. They want to tell stories to the world from their kitchen. You’ll see millions of subscribers religiously following the recipes of their favorite kitchen creators. That’s not just success for these cooks but also keeps them leagues ahead of restaurants that must deliver the same fantastic experience every day to be relevant.

The author of let’s get Cooking, Dorothy Champagne, believes that personal branding is the way to propel kitchen entrepreneurs. “Giving value-packed nuggets to your audience can put you leagues ahead in the industry.”

Cooks Gain An Edge Through Partnerships

Cooks are well aware of the idea that being a lone ranger on their own won’t take them far. They know they need a team to climb the ladder and move mountains. Cook entrepreneurs who have become superstar chefs know that strategic partnerships will help them propel the industry in a faster and smarter fashion.

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