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Kinga Szabo’s secret behind achieving a 100% success rate in processing residency and citizenship by investment programs

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Kinga Szabo’s secret behind achieving a 100% success rate in processing residency and citizenship by investment programs

November 25
15:56 2022
Kinga Szabo’s secret behind achieving a 100% success rate in processing residency and citizenship by investment programs
Kinga Judit Szabo is the founder of AL MANAL LLC.

Since 2014, Kinga Judit Szabo’s AL MANAL LLC has been providing excellent and premium quality immigration services across the globe for the successful procurement of second residency and citizenship. Being a trustworthy, family-owned firm with over eight years of rich experience, AL MANAL LLC has been renowned for its highest ethical standards and personalized care of clients throughout its operations.

With a 100% success rate in processing residency and citizenship by investment programs, AL MANAL LLC has served over 350 happy families to build a flourishing future for themselves. The company is providing access to individuals to better opportunities and making their dreams of high-quality life and successful business a reality.

But what is the secret behind reaching such extraordinary results?

As put by Kinga  J. Szabo, it is the goal that differentiates Al Manal LLC and the rest of the market. Al Manal LLC has one rock-solid mission: to assist its clients in reaching their full potential. “We work to see our clients flourish and prosper in life, which is the most important point that sets us apart from the competition. We never recommend anything to clients which we would not want ourselves,” emphasized Kinga.

Over the past decade, more than 200 million people have migrated to other countries, which is a figure which has never been seen before. People, hoping to find a better life and a more flourishing future, leave their homes and settle down in areas of the Planet where they have no roots. Therefore, they must make available all the terms and conditions of the country they have set an eye on. In immigration, the critical point upon which success depends is whether the client is eligible for the program he has set his mind on. Most companies fail because they need to check the eligibility of the clients. 

“We are so confident in what we do that we always grant a money-back guarantee to our clients,” – said Kinga J. Szabo.

The second secret behind the success is the experience and standardized technology Al MAnal LLC uses. Coming from an economic and legal background, Kinga has developed a fool-proof system where the team of Al Manal LLC works together as smoothly as a Swiss watch and where the probability of human mistakes is eliminated. 

“The thing I am most proud of is that all the immigration authorities we work with are pleased to receive cases from us as we make their lives easy as no document is ever missing. My greatest joy was when one of the immigration authority employees told me that she loves our files as they are always flawless,” – stated Kinga.

According to a recent report published by OECD, migration will continue to be the most significant driver of population growth in Europe, the US, and Canada. However, it is utterly essential to research the available options and avoid falling for promotions that advertise programs that are not legal or official.

“My company has been branded as “BEACON,” representing the guiding light that we intend to be for our clients. Thus, we make it very clear that we only deal with official programs that bring actual benefit to our clients and their families,” – Kinga added.

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Kinga shares, “The problem I am trying to solve is getting people to utilize their full potential by allowing them to relocate to areas where they can thrive as individuals and as businesses. I want people and businesses to flourish and prosper and bring back a renaissance where all can live their imagined lives.”

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Along with providing immigration services, Kinga Judit Szabo, the founder of  AL MANAL BEACON LLC, the company is dedicated to helping businesses relocate their operations to the UAE. The company’s core mission is to provide hassle-free, swift, and cost-effective solutions to individuals and companies.  A satisfied client, Agnes Kiss, shared, “I needed a different environment. I wanted to go somewhere warmer and nicer. Dubai is perfect for fitness and bodybuilding. I should compete myself as well with the best, you know. I didn’t have to pay the government for 45% of my register.”

About Kinga Judit Szabo

Kinga Judit Szabo is a serial entrepreneur who has established multiple successful businesses across Europe and the UAE, aiming to uplift businesses and individual lives by making their dreams of success come true. Residing in UAE for more than ten years, Kinga has founded AL MANAL BEACON LLC & AL MANAL LLC, companies that aid the set-up of tax-free corporations and provisions of residency & citizenship programs with a 100% success rate.

Originally from Hungary, Kinga majored in Corporate Finance & European Law at Oxford and was the first to pass the Series 7 Exam in Denmark. Later she established a successful consultancy firm offering services to aid companies in receiving tax grants from the government.

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