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Charles Barton Has Helped Hundreds to Put Type 2 Diabetes into Remission

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Charles Barton Has Helped Hundreds to Put Type 2 Diabetes into Remission

November 25
16:05 2022
He has helped thousands to optimize their weight escaping from Looming Health Disasters!

Charles Barton, top Naturopath, is over the moon that this chronic illness, type 2 diabetes, can regularly be transformed. Doctors started doing this one hundred years ago. It was reported and documented in a Canadian Medical Journal report at that time.

Talking to Charles Barton N.D. is inspiring! He worked out of Novena Medical Centre in Singapore and hundreds of clients kept coming back saying, for example, that their doctor had taken them off 7 out of 8 medications. They felt like ‘new’ people with more energy, better lifestyle and happiness.

“It has been a joy to help people so powerfully, with diabetes and metabolic syndrome problems. As you all know, this is an insidious and sharply growing problem in the world.”

He shared that in a trial in the UK in 2017 with 7,000 medication taking, overweight type 2 diabetics for 12 weeks 69% got medications reduced, 90% optimized their weight and it saved the National Health Service an estimated ?3.6 million!

He then astonished us. He explained that this is done with no diet, no supplements and virtually no willpower and it has been provided for over 2 million people in the USA, Singapore and Hong Kong already. The company he partners with has been in the top 100 fastest growing companies in the world for the past three years and was the only health company in the top 100. In 2020 it was the second fastest growing company in the world. Virtual Health Coaching with this kind of pedigree is coming of age.

When they announced expanding into Asia the NYSE price went up 203% showing even investors were impressed. They were right because the virtual health coaching company expanded from 700 million USD to 1.6 billion USD over recent years.

He quoted a client who said after 26 years as a diabetic, her endocrinologist was staggered and wanted to know what she had done to have moved into the pre-diabetic category! She ended up educating the specialist.

He shared that transforming the health of hundreds of thousands is his goal. He has a doctor he works with using this system in Connecticut in the USA who has helped 350,000 over 15 years. He says he has never known any doctor actually help so many people in one lifetime. We could see his enthusiasm bubbling over in a world where chronic illness is making more and more people susceptible to early demise. He shocked us by sharing that one in three diabetics dies from a stroke, something we had not known before. He has had clients all over the USA and Asia, Africa and Europe.

To quote a success story example:

Jenah writes: I cannot put into words how much this amazing program has changed my life! I’m about to hit 45 years old & I’m feeling my healthiest! I lost 117lbs (53 kgs) in 11 months! One healthy habit at a time! I’m so glad I said YES!

“Of course you should be inspired because with little willpower needed our goof proof system can transform your health for decades to come. It is a no brainer!”

Charles Barton exudes professionalism and caring. He has physically worked on five continents and now consults virtually all over the planet.

“To be doing what I love is heavenly,” was his parting comment.


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Email: [email protected]

Phone: +65 96276060


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