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Venus: Building the Metaverse World value Economic system

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Venus: Building the Metaverse World value Economic system

November 25
12:45 2022

Many countries and tech giants around the world are planning to build metaverse ecology. With the listing of the game platform Roblox as the “first share of metaverse”. Facebook made a sudden push in the form of renaming Meta, and technology giants such as Microsoft and Nvidia have entered the game. Metaverse has not only attracted wide attention from media and society, but also revived and developed virtual reality and other related concepts in the capital market, showing certain commercial and investment value.

The blockchain, which is the cornerstone of the metaverse economic system, has assumed an extremely important role. Blockchain can completely record the value of the digital world of the metaverse and lay a solid foundation for the economic activities in metaverse. And blockchain can build a decentralized platform for the metaverse based on community standards and protocols.


The born of Venus created itself as a high-volume cross-chain storage protocol tailored to the specific needs of data services in the Metaverse Era, enabling users to seamlessly transfer assets between different metaverse and build a blockchain internet. This network allows numerous chains to interconnect so that assets and applications can operate across chains and metaverse. Venus uses hybrid disruption parallel chain management to provide highly reliable, massive processing, and time-sensitive data services through Dapp clusters of landed applications provide highly reliable, massive processing, and time-sensitive data services, providing data support such as blue ocean storage resource pools, instant-ready storage services, and high privacy for enterprise-class storage applications. Compared with other storage projects, its biggest feature is: at underlying, Venus is committed to building a hybrid storage grid architecture compatible with inter-public chain, public chain and consortium chain and traditional cloud storage.

Regarding the Metaverse-related application scenarios that are currently receiving more attention in the blockchain field, Venus will link the entire ecology through VRT. It builds an extensive data infrastructure to address immersive 3D user experience, real-time continuous network access, and interoperability across network platforms. It also supports the development of various practical application scenarios for the Metaverse, including but not limited to metaverse construction services, advertising, metaverse real estate rentals, sales of digital collectibles, immersive experiences and entertainment, new ways to sell goods, metaverse meeting rooms, metaverse education, metaverse offices, and NFT, and many other scenario applications.

Paralleling or extending financial infrastructure with transactions that occur in the real world for business transactions, blockchain digital currency and financial services can provide the underlying transaction system for the virtual world.

As an important link to maintain the Venus ecosystem, VRT carries the important role of circulating value, purchasing services, obtaining rewards and encouraging interaction. Holding a VRT token allows you to participate in the vote of the ecology governance and enjoy ecological dividends. Contributions to the community will also be rewarded with token. Enthusiasm and creativity of community participants will be greatly mobilized. It can also fully stimulate ecological vitality, and greatly promote economic.

The premise of digital economy interconnection is that of assets, which is the premise of interconnection of currencies. As the metaverse related technology gradually developed, the size of the market may increase to $ 800 billion by 2024. And along with the increase of activities such as creation, exchange and consumption of digital products in the metaverse market, the volume of digital assets and digital currency transactions will greatly increase, which will in turn drive the digital economy. In the future, VRT has extremely high application value in the metaverse and other digital economy activities.

Venus will pave an innovative development way for the ,etaverse industry from the infrastructure and provide new space for new industries. Users in the Venus ecology can realize fast, secure, trustworthy and transparent online transactions, and establish metaverse trusted and distributed applications, services, platforms and communities.

Venus will provide new understanding for the times, offering people opportunities to experience future life in a tangible and immersive way, helping people break through the distance boundaries of physical space in the virtual world, and experiencing the limits of fortune financial and imagination in the Venus ecology.

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