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How many types of the cabinet panel edge banding? What is the difference? Which is the best choice?

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How many types of the cabinet panel edge banding? What is the difference? Which is the best choice?

November 23
21:37 2022

Maybe you already know what edge banding is, but let me explain it to those who don’t know or aren’t sure. Edge banding is a thin strip of material, usually vinyl or plastic, that’s glued onto the exposed edges of plywood and particleboard (or MDF). It comes in several types: solid wood, real wood veneer (like oak), man-made materials like ABS plastics. If you are doing a project with plywood or MDF, even with regular wood and want a beautiful edge finish, you should consider using some types of edge banding.

Now let’s check what types of edge banding are out there so that you can choose the best one for your project.

  1. Seamless edge banding/Zero-Joint Edgebanding:The Zero-Joint Edgebanding is the best and top level in all types of the edge banding, it is strong and aesthetically

  2. Diamond laser edge banding: With a transparency of about 2mm on the surface of the panel and the edge band, after 45° chamfering, the panel becomes more three-dimensional and more shiny, like diamonds.

  3. Laser edge banding: There is no glue, so the laser edge sealing has no glue overflow problem, and the edge sealing is flat and beautiful, environmentally friendly and durable, and has stronger waterproof performance.

  4. PUR edge sealing: Uses PUR(Poly Urethane Reactive) liquid glue, the full name of which is moisture curing reactive polyurethane hot-melt adhesive.

  5. EVA edge sealing is also called hot-melt edge sealing. After high temperature, the granular solid hot-melt adhesive is melted and spread on the cutting surface of the board by an edge sealing machine, and then pressed to achieve bonding with the edge sealing tape.



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