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BOC Sciences Continues to Power Up RNA Therapeutics with siRNA Products and Services

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BOC Sciences Continues to Power Up RNA Therapeutics with siRNA Products and Services

November 22
16:41 2022

New York, USA – November 22, 2022 – BOC Sciences leverages its profound experience in RNA therapeutics and innovative delivery platforms to offer high-quality and cost-effective siRNA molecules with various fluorescence labels, chemical modifications, and custom siRNAs to meet customers’ needs.

siRNA is a class of small, double-stranded, non-coding RNA molecules. siRNA regulates eukaryotic gene expression at the most critical levels of genome function, including chromosome segregation, chromatin structure, RNA processing, RNA stability, transcription, and translation. Nowadays, siRNA is widely used in the study of single gene function both in vivo and in vitro and is an attractive tool of therapeutics, especially against undruggable targets for the treatment of cancers and other severe diseases.

BOC Sciences can synthesize efficient siRNAs using its online design tools and extensive synthesis options for specific applications. Through chemical modifications, fluorescent labeling, and flexible synthetic scale, its products can be used in innovative drug development for indications with significant unmet medical needs, covering areas such as cancers, fibrosis-related diseases, and antiviral and cardiometabolic diseases.

Chemically Modified siRNA

Chemical modifications of siRNA can enhance its stability as well as minimize immunogenicity and off-target effect, making siRNA an optimal drug-like molecule. BOC Sciences is able to conduct conventional and innovative modifications in accordance with the siRNA phosphate backbone, base, and ribose.

Fluorescence-labeled siRNA

To optimize the siRNA’s transfection condition, intracellular distribution, and double labeling, as well as verify the transfection efficiency, BOC Sciences uses fluorescent/non-fluorescent labelings, even dual and multiple labelings.

Custom siRNA

In response to special requirements, BOC Sciences also provides custom siRNA services and products. Based on its state-of-the-art RNA platform, the company can design siRNA oligos with selected siRNA sequences for free and apply flexible synthetic techniques to develop requested siRNA products.

BOC Sciences ensures that each siRNA is produced in accordance with strict ISO standards and quality control requirements during the synthesis process. The quality control of all synthesized/customized siRNA oligonucleotides is performed by analytical HPLC, mass spectrometry, annealing in RNase-free water, and double-stranded analysis utilizing analytical gels. Meanwhile, all siRNA products can be supplied from 2 OD to 250 OD in the lyophilized powder form. For more information, please kindly visit siRNA products & services.

About BOC Sciences’ RNA Technology

BOC Sciences is a pre-clinical stage biotechnology company that is developing efficient and innovative chemicals for pharmaceutical companies, institutions, and academia. Powered by more than 15 years of combined experience, BOC Sciences’ RNA technology is dedicated to manufacturing all kinds of nucleic acids for research purposes. Its expertise extends to the production of GMP-level oligo components and siRNA molecules.

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