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Indian Visa Application Process For Japanese Citizen

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Indian Visa Application Process For Japanese Citizen

June 13
16:11 2022

Indian visa policy and way of working constantly evolving and being digitalized by the government of India. The internet has changed everything from just a small step to a whole lifestyle, it has benefitted humankind more than anything ever. Thus, India has introduced eVisa (Electronic Visa or ETA).  Japanese Citizens can apply and obtain this from online government portals without the need for a visit to the Indian Embassy or Local Indian Mission.

If you’re a Japanese Citizen and looking or planning to visit India, this method is the most convenient and efficient way to apply for Indian Visa online.

Today, India offers several classes of Visas based on the reason or cause behind your visit to the country, and two of the aspects that decide whether you qualify for an Online Indian Visa, are as follows:

1. Japanese Nationality/Citizenship/Country of Origin, and

2. Intent/Reason/cause/purpose of visit to the country

Intent Criteria for Indian Visa Online

If you’re visiting India for the following intentions and activities, you can apply for an eVisa online under the “Indian Tourist Category”.

Visiting for sightseeing

Visiting for recreation

Visiting to meet family members or relatives

Visiting to meet friends

Visiting to attend a Yoga Programme

Visiting to attend a course not exceeding 6 months and the course does not provide a degree or diploma certificate.

Visiting for volunteering for up to 1 month of durations.

If you’re visiting India for the following intentions and activities, you can apply for an eVisa online under “Business Category”.

Visiting to set up an industrial complex

Visiting to initiate, mediate, complete or continue with a business venture.

Visiting to sell an item or service or any product in India.

Visiting to engage in trading activity or to get a product or service from India or intend to purchase or procure something from India.

Visiting to hire staff or manpower from India.

To attend an exhibition, trade fairs or trade shows, business conferences, or business summits or Act as a specialist or expert in an ongoing project in India.

To conduct tours in India

To deliver a lecture

Eligibility or Criteria for Visiting or traveling to India for Japanese Citizens

1. Valid Passport

2. Valid ETA (eVisa)

3. Clear intent for visiting India

4. Government of India may also ask you to provide or present your job description, the status of a fund or financial status, proof of purpose or return ticket, or eligibility to buy a return ticket.

Process of applying and obtaining an Indian eVisa

Indian eVisa can be applied from the online government portal, you need your personal information, and passport information and you must declare your intent/reason/purpose behind the visit to the country. Currently, the Indian eVisa portal offers more than 137 payment options and you can choose from them. Japanese citizens are fast-forwarded as Japan was a joint launcher of eVisa with India.

Once applied, you can obtain your eVisa by email provided. It takes generally 24 hours but sometime it may take a few hours more than expected. It is advised to print your eVisa and attach two plain papers although showing you a digital visa in pone also works.

Benefits of eVisa:

It has a validity of up to 5 years and once visiting India, a Japanese can stay for 180 days straight. You can visit multiple times with this visa within its period of validity.

This visa is valid at 28 airports and 5 seaports (You cannot visit India via land routes with this passport).

Provides passage and entry to all states, territories, and places.

Can be applied for tourism, business, medical visits, and tours.

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