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The Top 125 Global Content Creators 2022 And Yes, It Includes AR, AI, Gaming / Metaverse

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The Top 125 Global Content Creators 2022 And Yes, It Includes AR, AI, Gaming / Metaverse

May 17
23:29 2022
The Top 125 Global Content Creators 2022 And Yes, It Includes AR, AI, Gaming / Metaverse
29 Countries and 85 Premieres slated for the 13th Annual New Media Film FestivalĀ® New technological advances and classic cinema prevail. June 1-2 2022 an online and in person programming.

Los Angeles, CA – Not only are festivals a good place to explore new stories, meet new people and hear from experts, it is a great way to experience how new technologies are being used to advance great storytelling. Since its inception in 2009, the New Media Film Festival mandate is, honoring stories worth telling. The categories themselves change to reflect cutting edge technologies and 2022 is continuing to showcase the best in New Media. See and experience 125 Top Global Content Creators June 1 online and June 2 2022 at a Secret New Venue in Hollywood 90028. Address is revealed to ticket/badge holders the day before. This new “secret” venue is a labor of love from a Hollywood family legacy.  Sharing their forefather’s history and collections through an experience of being part of this bygone era yet in a fashionable contemporary angle. The beloved Landmark on W. Pico is shuttering its doors prior to our scheduled festival.

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Artificial Intelligence World Premiere:

Mercury XX from Germany – To design the original look of the film an AI model was trained on thousands of space fashion images and was tasked with developing speculative sketches of costumes and the fictional spaceship.

Artificial Intelligence and Metaverse World Premiere:

Ruined World an Elegy in Four Parts from Hong Kong – The visuals are a series of AI-generated artworks created by Polyptech (Poposki’s creative alter ego in the Metaverse) through text-to-image synthesis utilizing a neural network. The neural network has been trained by Polyptech through thousands of iterations to generate visuals based on a string of keywords associated to climate change, such as the Anthropocene, ecology, nature, etc.

The text is an AI-generated poem co-written with Poposki, based on the text of Henry David Thoreau’s reflection upon simple living in/with nature, “Walden”. The AI uses a generative text model developed by Open AI, leveraging machine learning and deep learning to achieve the generation of natural language. The resulting AI poem is then read by an AI text-to-speech voice generator. The music in the film is a generative sound piece created by an AI music algorithm trained on Johann Sebastian Bach’s Chorale BWV639 (Choral Prelude in F Minor).

Augmented Reality World Premieres:

Isaac Lidar from USAIsaac, is part of a body of work that explores portraiture through the use of light detection and ranging.

The LiDAR sensor is the primary way in which machines and modern robots see the world. The work gives insight into the way in which we are teaching our creations to see us and the augmented reality component allows the viewer to interact with the portrait revealing layers of information. There is an NFT of this as well.

Mother of Sorrow Sacred Art Experience from USA – A first of its kind. A site-specific test project aimed to reunite and invite people back into sacred spaces after the pandemic. It takes the existing church-stained glass and shows a visual representation of the transformation of bread and wine to Body and Blood

Gaming World Premiere:

AWAY from USA-was made to explore the storytelling possibilities in the new environment that is virtual production on LED volumes. At this intersection of gaming, animation, and filmmaking, the production team was able to put together their creative expertise and technical know-how in shooting this short film using Unreal Engine in one production day.

Gaming Los Angeles Premiere:

Harold Halibut from Germany – is a handmade narrative game about friendship, and life on a city-sized spaceship submerged in an alien ocean.

Nominees are from USA, Malta, Israel, Greece, France, South Africa, Bangladesh, Israel, Spain, Germany, Cyprus, Poland, United Kingdom, Tahiti, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Japan, New Zealand, Republic of Korea, and Syrian Arab Republic have been accepted into the 13th New Media Film Festival®.  From classic festival categories to tech, this is the place to see and meet the nominees vying for $45,000 in Awards with Judges from Marvel, HBO, ABC, Rolling Stone, Grammys, BMI, EMMYS, PBS, BBC and more.

Take a peek at the nominees  and secure your ticket/badges for the Hybrid June 1-2 2022 events. VIP Soiree, Red Carpet Press Junket, Screenings, VR, Q & A, International Art Exhibit and Awards ceremony. Join us in person at our New Secret Venue in Hollywood 90028 or online from anywhere in the world.


For 2022 the New Media Film Festival® judges are from some of the most notable places such as PBS, BBC, HBO, MARVEL, Rolling Stone, Simon & Schuster, ABC and more! Nominees from

Australia, Bulgaria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Republic of, Lebanon, Malta, New Zealand, Poland, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Syrian Arab Republic, Tahiti, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, and USA are up for $45,000.00 in awards. 

Attendees get to network and engage with creators and influential people from the industry. 

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