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Zaki Ameer Uses his Expertise to Revolutionise the Property Investment Industry

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Zaki Ameer Uses his Expertise to Revolutionise the Property Investment Industry

April 29
16:06 2022

Zaki Ameer is the founder and CEO of DDP Property, a full service property investment consultancy company based in Sydney, but helping investors Australia wide.

Zaki is a self made millionaire, real estate expert and a wealth development coach, who is constantly coming up with new revolutionary concepts to help everyday people achieve their own financial success.

Since founding his business in 2011, Zaki has helped over 2000 of clients secure purchase properties. He is well and truly an expert at property investment, but his journey didn’t start off like this.

While working at a bank and earning a modest income, he realised that the people around him were doing okay but they hadn’t achieved financial success or independence.

Zaki Ameer knew that in order to succeed, he had to start doing things differently.

His passionate spirit and ideals led him to strive for more. Zaki entered the property market and in a few short years, he had secured a successful portfolio of 10 properties, valued at over $3 million.

His success and enthusiasm for mentoring has led Zaki to speak at seminars and start putting his talents towards wealth creation and personal development to the test.

Zaki attributes this success to the ideals his parents instilled in him growing up; honesty, integrity and building relationships.

“You want to have a network of people; it’s the who you know, not the what you know.” Zaki says.

“All my success has come by putting the person first and the money second.”

“Anyone who puts money first and the person’s relationship second is usually in it for short term success,”

“The reason I believe I continue to run DDP Property now in its 11th year of operation is because of a  genuine interest in helping others.”

The property market is a long term investment i.e. 10 years plus, but it can be one of the most successful ways to make money and set yourself up for a truly successful life.

Zaki is using his industry connections, years of experience, and unique way of thinking to enable others to share in his success by making smart and informed decisions about their own financial future.

You can speak to Zaki at his website, and start investing in your future today.

About Zaki Ameer: 

Zaki Ameer moved to Australia as an International student at the age of 18, and quickly found himself with few friends, no income and significant debt from university. He pushed himself to work full-time while attending night classes, and eventually in 2011 he founded his own business, DDP Property based in Sydney NSW. Since then, Zaki has helped over 2000 clients purchase property, spoken at seminars and events about wealth creation and personal development, and written his own book. He has a particular interest in mentoring and helping others through both advice and charity work.



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Phone: 1300 732 921
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State: NSW, 2000
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