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SHEMELIVE: Emerging E-commerce Platform, helps influencers share to earn money

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SHEMELIVE: Emerging E-commerce Platform, helps influencers share to earn money

January 27
02:09 2022

Influencer live-sharing e-commerce is the future. From simple product management to interpersonal fan management, social sharing e-commerce in Europe and America will Shemelive!

Based on the real content of consumers and KOLs/KOCs, Shemelive provides real evaluation and decision-making for a large number of consumers, thus creating a high-quality growth environment for influencer increase fans. Amateurs can also rely on the shemelive platform to grow into an influencer, have their own fans, their own homepage IP, etc. on the shemelive platform, and use live broadcast to interact with fans to achieve a product interaction model. On the shemelive platform, fans, influencers, platforms, and content form a good interaction and cycle.

Company Description

SHEMELIVE is a contentful live-streaming e-commerce platform, owned by Shemelive Ltd., UK, aims at spreading great products to worldwide customers. Users share real feedback on products through short videos, pictures and texts, and interact with others.

As of March 2022, Shemelive has hundreds and thousands of influencers and millions of consumers, the growth rate is incredibly fast!

Content CreationBased on the real experience and feedback of all users, the accumulated content is extremely valuable, and the content creator has a lifetime commission of 2%

The Shemelive platform supports and encourages every user to share their real feeling and feedback so as to continuously output high-quality content to attract new customers, provides every customer with a lot of real feedback and consumption decisions. At the same time, content creators will permanently enjoy 2% commission on the sales commission boosted by their high-quality content. Therefore, high-quality content is the key to earn commissions!

Cashback on Purchase: Every purchase users placed, they can get up to 5% cashback on their accounts, influencer can get up to 25%!

Invitation Bonus:

Invite new users to sign up and place orders, you can get the promotion commission of the platform! (commission can be withdrawn or used for shopping)

Live E-commerce

1. Every live-streaming will be automatically recorded by Shemelive and shown in live-streaming section in order to boost long-term sales! The content contributors will enjoy the life-time 2% commission!

2. Live-streamers enjoy up to 30% commission during live-streaming.

3. Live-streaming will help you gain more fans, interact with them and build trust.

Whatsapp: +1(518)712-9633

Media Contact
Contact Person: Viola
Email: Send Email
Phone: 0044 2084 323 088
City: London
Country: United Kingdom